All you Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is oral care for children from a couple of years old. to the end of their teen years, and it cannot be overemphasised how important it is for a toddler to see a pediatric dentist as soon as their milk teeth erupt. Dentistry for children is a very specialised field, as the growing body responds differently to that of an adult, and many variables are factored into the treatment options.

Regular Oral Examinations

A growing child is open to many oral issues, particularly hygiene, and with milk teeth creating a future path, regular assessment is essential. Those who are in need of pediatric dentistry in Thailand are fortunate because Bangkok is a leading hub for pediatric dentistry, with world class dentists that specifically work with children of all ages.

Improper Bite Action

As a young child grows, their bite action naturally takes its own shape, depending on the oral make-up of the child, and it is often the case where the lower and upper jaw do not meet correctly, which then causes teeth to change their growth direction. If the pediatric dentist examines a child every 6 months, any irregularities can quickly be resolved, thus avoiding problems later.

Diagnosing Conditions

When a trained dentist carries out an oral examination, he or she can diagnose conditions such as congenital heart defects, hyper-activity disorders, hay fever and even diabetes, and this means corrective treatment can be applied. As soon as you notice your child’s milk teeth showing through, this is the perfect time to schedule an initial appointment with a pediatric dentist, and under their guidance, your child’s oral well-being is being monitored and signs of other conditions would be found.

Habit Counselling

A majority of child oral health issues are caused by unhealthy habits; thumb sucking causes buck teeth, and if a child is not introduced to sound oral hygiene practices, they will likely develop bad habits that will cause oral issues to develop. Once your child gets into the habit of regular brushing and flossing, it soon becomes second nature, and this will provide a stable platform for healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetime. Finding a good pediatric dentist is much easier with an online search, and if you happen to live in a Bangkok suburb, there are some excellent pediatric clinics nearby.

Diet Consultation

Part of the pediatric dentist’s role is to educate the parents, and by going over dietary requirements, a parent is able to control their child’s diet. Avoiding sugar is vital, and if a child develops a sweet tooth and this is not addressed, tooth decay is just around the corner. Cavities will start to appear within a year or so, as the tooth enamel is attacked by the bacteria that sugar helps to create, and this will cause serious problems when they child becomes an adult.

The field of pediatric dentistry is one that takes 4 years to fully learn, and this specialist will ensure that your child’s oral health is always closely monitored, and by having your own oral check-up at the same time, you can make a family outing to the dental clinic.


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