Categories of Cosmetic Boxes Used by The Big Cosmetic Brands

With disposable income on the rise, cosmetic market share is surging by the year. There is a stiff competition, in the cosmetic industry. Every bit of leverage that you can garner, will forward your game and your product sales. The product has to deliver on what it was promised. However, for the customers to choose your product, your marketing strategy should be unique.

Everything starts with the packing boxes. There are many custom boxes cheap made in the market. However, that will derail the purpose. The packaging should look luxurious and elegant. This requires enough ingenuity, creativity and business acumen. You can choose from a variety of boxes for your product.

Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes suit well for the clients who wants a creative packaging for their products. The products inside can be clearly seen. This helps the customers to make easy decisions. Helping the customers to make easy decisions is one of the catalysts in boosting your sales.

In cosmetics, hair and skin products are highly in demand. And, in these categories, there are at least a couple of bottles, that should be used simultaneously. For example, in skin care, toner-scrubber-moisturiser is one of the simplest groups that is in demand. For categories like these, plastic boxes can be made both economical and creative.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, generally, come in geometric shapes- squares, rectangles and circles. These boxes exude luxury. Cosmetic products in delicate bottles and silk or linen pouches could be packed in this. This is an excellent choice of packing those products, that are costly and rare to make.

This is good as corporate gifts. Also, high-end hotels can present their premium customers with these little wooden boxes filled with rare scents and creams.

Printed cosmetics boxes

Printed boxes are great ways to create a niche for yourself in the market. You can steal your style in the market with these customised boxes. You can create your own design and logo, and being consistent with it nurtures your brand value. This will give a huge advantage over others.


Women are very careful in buying their cosmetics, due to its cost. So, they are very careful in keeping them safe and clean, for prolonged use. No matter which packaging you do, make sure it is sturdy plus comfortable to use and carry. Also, cosmetics means class and luxury. Your packaging should reflect this.

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