How to Make the Most of Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment?

Thermage is a non invasive skin tightening procedure that treats a number of skin conditions like sagging skin, wrinkles, loose haws, hooding etc. Thermage makes the use of radio frequency energy that triggers the production of collagen that helps in tightening your skin. While the treatment is super safe, the experts still recommend you to pay heed to a few steps before you undergo treatment .

  • Get acquainted with the treatment – First things first, do your due diligence on the procedure and make sure you have understood the basics of the complete process. It means that you should learn more about the treatment. It is always recommended to schedule an appointment in advance with a dermatologist in order to learn and understand more about the procedure and get acquainted with what to expect before, during and after the procedure.
  • Ensure that you are an eligible candidate for thermage – Thermage is perfect for treating mild to moderate laxity on the body. People with loose skin are usually not ideal candidates for the procedure

  • Understand the pre procedure instructions – If you are planning to undergo the treatment, then you can learn about pre procedure instructions. For example, if you are using some skin products, the dermatologist would advise you to using the product in the future or not, given the decision that will enhance the efficacy of the entire process.
  • Be patient – The results from thermage tends to show up gradually hence, you must exercise patience by all means. You should anticipate to see the ultimate results in a couple months.

Benefits of thermage skin tightening treatment

  • It is a non surgical and non invasive treatment
  • It cures the loosened skin around the eyes, face and body
  • A single treatment session can deliver the most exceptional results for most of the patients.
  • It is meant to deliver optimum results in a short period of time.
  • Patients can resume with their regular work and exercise immediately after the treatment
  • The results of thermage can enhance over time and tend to last for years and years.

For more information on how to make the most of thermage skin tightening treatment and the benefits it bestows on the patients, what questions you must ask a dermatologist before undergoing the treatment, and the range of treatment services being offered at the medical spa, feel free to visit the website.

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