We’ve reached the final week of our staples posts. Although these items are in week three, they are by no means less important. These staples are the foundations of a stylish man’s wardrobe. Without them, you’ll have an incomplete wardrobe and you’ll struggle to make the rest of your pieces work. It’s a little like a football team; you need each player to be present and playing their part to win the Champions League. Your wardrobe needs to contain the best elements- it needs to be the MAN U of wardrobes. If you leave things out you’ll only end up like ARSENAL. (Arsenal fans, you may have your say in the comments section below!)

  1. Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are great for summer. The may not work all year round but they give you a little choice and provide you with some breathing space from your shirts. They can be paired with shorts, jeans or dressed up a little when matched with a blue blazer. Colours and patterns will add interest to your look and there is no specific style or colour here. It’s your time to get personal and creative, for the main focus is the style of the piece; the humble polo shirt.

  1. White -T-Shirt

A good quality white T-shirt can really aid your casual wardrobe. When one fits just right and is actually WHITE, it can ooze style. A White T works best when rocked simply. If matched with a pair of jeans or shorts, a white T-shirt need not scream out ‘Look at me’, as it’s subtle style and history does it all. Think or James Dean and you’ll catch my drift. They’re also a perfect layering piece. White T’s provide a casual alternative when worn underneath a V-neck sweater instead of the over-used dressier shirt choice. You’ll need them to fit just right- not too tight, not too loose.

  1. A slim Dark Tie

It’s one of the main accessories for a man. Tie widths can vary a lot, however getting a medium width- slim but not too skinny- will keep you looking modern as well as stylish. The dark tones will complement the rest of your neutral staples and will stand out when worn with a colourful sweater.

  1. Coloured Cardigan

Cardigans are now an essential staple for every man. There was a time where they were considered too old or granddaddy but those times have now passed. They are- hands down- the perfect layering piece. Having one in a bright colour will also bring some much need vibrancy to your wardrobe. Cardigans can be worn underneath a grey blazer or teamed simply with a white T-shirt. Just no ‘Nu Rave’ neon colours. You’re best off sticking with a variety of blue or red tints. Pair with some Ray Ban sunglasses for that preppy-but-cool look

  1. White Canvas Trainers

Nothing makes me smile more than the sight of a fresh pair of white canvas trainers. Notice I said FRESH! There is an endless debate about whether they look better scruffy or clean. Sorry, but I’m with the Yanks on this one. The reason being, is if they are kept fresh, they can be paired with a suit. Fresh kicks look just as good with trousers and chinos as they do with jeans. So make sure your pair are crisp and try to stick to designs that have few logos.

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