Micro Needling Skin Treatment Quick Facts

You don’t have to be beyond your 30s to start seeing the signs of dreaded aging on your face. Overexposure to sun, bad eating habits, stress at work and not getting enough sleep can make fine lines and wrinkles show up on your face quite early. If you are tired of seeing your skin lose the battle of staying young and glowing, it’s time to step up and save yourself against the ravages of time with a simple procedure called micro needling.

This is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps you cope up with the effects of acne marks, stretch marks, and skin aging. Several studies on micro-needling have shown that this simple treatment can jumpstart the natural healing process of the body. It uses small and fine needles to puncture the skin and promote new cell growth to get rid of the various skin problems.

How does it work?

Some people are apprehensive about a small pen being able to bring such a big difference in the skin tone and texture. This method actually works based on a simple theory. The aesthetician uses a micro-needling tool to form very fine pricks on the skin surface, especially on the problematic area. These fine needles create invisible holes in the dermis and epidermis layer of the skin.

The body immediately gets a signal that the skin is injured and needs to start the healing process. This results in the new production of elastin and collagen to rejuvenate the skin. After the procedure, your skin may have a light burning sensation and feel tighter. However, these side effects are negligible, and they usually go away in a matter of days. Most people can see their skin get back to normal in 24 hours. If you still feel any discomfort, your practitioner may suggest a serum to reduce the discomfort.

What are the main benefits of micro needling?

The most important benefit of micro needling is that you get a plumper and firmer skin tone after regular treatments. Unlike various other procedures that delay in showing the effect on the skin, a micro-needling .procedure gives you an instant glow after the treatment. After regular use of correcting serum, you can experience progressive improvement with the complexion becoming brighter and more even with time.

The penetrating or pricking effect of the needles in this procedure ensures that your skin treatment products deliver better results than before. Thus, the moisturizing agents get absorbed deeper and better to give you a beautiful complexion.

Where to get a micro-needling treatment?

You can get this skin procedure done any good skin clinic such as the SkinGlow clinic in Vancouver. Some of the skin procedures and treatments offered at the clinic are acne treatment, anti-aging, skin-tone, pigmentation, enlarged pores correction, and so on. They have a professional team of highly trained and qualified specialists who will listen to your skin concerns with care and customize the best treatment plan for you. For more information on micro needling, visit https://skinglowlaser.ca/skin-treatments/micro-needling/.

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