Planning the Perfect Wedding

In life, there are certain landmark moments that we never forgot. Graduating school is one, buying your first home is another, and of course, getting married is the big one. Weddings are special occasions that mark the lives of two people coming together.

In sickness and in health…It’s no wonder that weddings can be emotional watching your friends or family devote themselves to the person they love. But what about planning your own wedding? That can be a stressful time, and can easily take a full year to plan.

Where it begins

Where do weddings begin? No, it’s not the morning of, with the bride and groom in separate locations, nervously pacing the floor, waiting to see each other. It’s the day that that special someone gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring and pops the big question.

Indeed, long after the wedding is over, it will be the engagement ring and wedding bands that remain. When planning the perfect wedding, remember that the rings will be the longest lasting factor in the process; after you and your partner’s eternal love, that is.

Take the time, research the best rings and buy the ones that best suit you. Sites like:  can help in that process.

Don’t panic

Weddings come in all sizes. Whether it takes a couple of months, or a couple of years to plan yours, remember that it shouldn’t be stressful. It might be a lot of hard work, but with some proactive planning, some friends and family to help out, and realistic expectations, you’ll be fine. Weddings are meant to be enjoyable, after all.

Watch the cost

Weddings should be a fun occasion for you, your friends and family. But remember, costs can quickly rocket out of control. Being fiscally responsible and be a proactive planner will help keep the stress to a minimum. In fact, debt brought on by weddings is often a factor in divorce proceedings. Don’t doom you and your partner’s marriage before it even begins.

Make a timetable

There’s no better time to admire that ring on your finger, then when you’re holding that master timetable at the beginning of the planning stage. It’s crucial that you make a list and pick away at small things leading up to your wedding. A timetable will be your best friend and make sure that you and your partner don’t get overwhelmed with last-minute chaos.

Re-use, re-use, re-use

We’re living in a historic phase of environmental insurgence. Your guests will admire it if they see reused material from other weddings, or environmentally friendly products worked into your wedding. Plus, it will help keep the cost and stress down. Instead of using one-use plastics, use porcelain. Ask the internet how to do something artsy with those empty bottles you have lying around, or ask a friend to re-use some of their old decorations.

Planning the perfect wedding is a tall order. It takes patience, vision and some creativity. Remember that you have a support system around you and that special someone who you want to spend your life with. The ring on your finger will be a beautiful reminder of that.

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