Vaginal Changes During Menopause

Menopause symptoms can be very hard to handle. There are many of them, and a few can be quite severe. One of them is vaginal dryness.

Menopause usually starts at the late 40s and the beginning of 50s. It is a natural shift in hormones in a woman’s organism. At the beginning is known as perimenopause, and later those hormones are not produced anymore, and that is when menopause begins.

Besides vaginal changes, there are also vasomotor changes such as hot flushes and night sweats, psychic changes as anxiety, depression, mood swings, migraine and later your bones can be affected and you could have osteoporosis. The changes can be treatable in specialized clinics, such as the menopause clinic in Perth like Australian Menopause Centre, where you can get the right treatment for you.

The professionals will ease your menopause symptoms

Because vaginal dryness is something that many women are dealing with, and some of them feel embarrassed to talk about, let’s see what can you expect from this issue, during menopause.

Vaginal dryness

The main cause of vaginal dryness is the change in hormones. Woman’s ovaries are producing estrogen and progesterone. When the ovaries start to shut down, the production of these hormones stop. Estrogen is in charge of vaginal lubrication, and when he is missing, the vagina becomes dry. These changes bring more sensitivity to vaginal tissue, and in some moments you can feel pain.

It’s not just a problem in vaginal dryness, the vaginal tissue is also under some changes. The vagina tissue is getting thinner and less elastic and flexible. The external female genitals, also known as a vulva, is also affected.  Decreased levels of estrogen result in an increased vaginal pH, and that makes the vagina less acidic like it was in puberty.

If a woman doesn’t have intercourse regularly following menopause, the vagina can become shorter and narrower. If that is the case, when a woman has intercourse, she will probably experience pain even if she uses a lubricant. Because vaginal tissue is dry and fragile, it is susceptible to injury, tearing and bleeding during intercourse or any other penetration.

The doctors will advise you to have regular vaginal sexual activity during menopause, as that will keep the vaginal tissues thick and moist, which will maintain the vagina’s length and width. This will improve your sex life, and make it more pleasurable.

Having regular sex will improve condition of  your vagina

There are also natural remedies that you can check at, and ease your vaginal discomfort in the long run. The therapy that can help you with vaginal changes, but also with the other menopause symptoms is bioidentical hormone therapy. This therapy will bring new levels of estrogen and in that way, it will ease the symptoms.

Final word

You can still feel great during menopause despite the menopause symptoms. Sometimes is not easy to handle them, but with the right remedy, lifestyle and professional beside you, you will achieve your goals.

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