What to Expect from your First Micro Needling in Toronto

Micro needling is not entirely a new concept. It has been used in one way or another in healing of the skin. In recent years, however, the methods and techniques used in the process have developed so much that they provide effective solutions for many conditions affecting the skin. Today, for instance, you can find experts who are versed in latest applications of micro needling in Toronto. Before you contact any of them, however, it is judicial to be aware of the changes that you should expect once you undergo the procedure. 

  • Shedding of Skin

One of the first signs that will prove that the micro needling procedure is working is shedding of skin. Naturally, the body sheds off old skin layers. Micro needling, nevertheless, goes deeper and faster. This means that the layers that you would usually shed off after a few weeks begin dropping off in the first few days after you undergo the treatment. You may experience mild bruising due to the use of a roller on the area around the eyes. Nevertheless, it soon disappears.

  • Short Period of Inflammation

You may experience skin inflammation after going through micro needling procedure. However, the discomfort lasts only for a short time. It is usually caused by peeling of the old skin to pave way for the new one. You can pat the skin dry with a cleanser after about four hours since it began peeling. Remember, the inflammation is evidence that new skin is forming.

  • Dryness of the Skin

Within two days after undergoing micro needling, your skin may become unusually dry. This is mainly due to higher skin cell turnover. You may need to apply skin moisturizer. Nonetheless, it is important to heed the advice of your doctor on how to best take care of your skin during this period.

  • A Fresh New Look

The main purpose of micro needling is healing your skin as well as rejuvenating it. Contrary to other methods of improving the skin appearance, however, the process works by triggering your body to react in such a way that it produces the needed elastin and collagen to grow a new skin. Therefore, you can expect a smoother skin free of acne and stretch marks. In addition, the new skin automatically enables you to defy age by getting rid of such signs as wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Healthier Skin

The main principle behind micro needling involves replacing old skin with a new one. This means that the skin problems that may have affected you before will be rid off by the procedure. In other words, it is about kicking the old out and welcoming the new. Some of the problems that you will be able to get out of your system include hair loss.

Final Thoughts

It is normal to be apprehensive when you first go for a micro needling session in Toronto. However, the results will prove that you made the right choice. Keep in mind that you can always talk to your doctor before making a decision on whether to go for the procedure or not. Most importantly, get it done by professionals who are top experts in micro needling in Toronto. You will not only ensure that you get excellent outcomes but also guarantee the safety of your health during and after the procedure.

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