You’re Beautiful – Have Confidence In It And Blossom!

Was requested to create concerning the word ‘Beautiful’ for Ethereal Light’s Psychic Development Class and felt led to publish my ideas to Ezine. I’ve got a feeling many have to hear these words. Always understand how special and delightful you’re.

My virtue for that class was Beautiful also it got me thinking. What’s beauty? Could it be that which you feel? Could it be that which you do? Will it define an individual?

Within this age we’re so worried about beauty meaning from the physical. I question the number of could stand before one and find out the wonder they possess – they real beauty, past the physical and also the self-talk of ‘I’m fat’, ‘I’m small’, ‘I’m thin’. Are they going to see their own growing old, their body is just a finite covering the real beauty is stored within? Are they going to see that they’re the Creator that belongs to them existence – both God and Goddess, perfect, whole and incredibly beautiful in each and every feeling of the term. That they’re magic, a full time income rainbow of colour and illumination, here to produce and spread the romance from the Divine.

In my experience, beauty is recognising and aligning using the Divine in most, including our self. When I sit here, I view it in eco-friendly leaves from the trees because they reflect their beautiful shadows from the window. it within the cloud-filled sky, which although with a may seem gloomy, is vibrant and awe-inspiring. beauty in watching my Cats play as well as in the background music I am hearing. Should you heart would like and able to most probably, beauty truly are available in everything.

Here’s message from my Greater Self that might help a number of you studying this – “Read not directly into material beauty, no facts are available there when only judgements reside. Let beauty be viewed and respected together with your heart – your true center to be. Studying yourself against others as a way of beauty in forget about important than the usual crime. See all as ‘beautiful’ and you will then be beautiful. Stand strong inside the beauty you own, for you personally hold it by the bucket load. Allow it to integrate and align for your divine essence. Be free by using it and allow it to stand out to other people always. Recognise you have unique spark, for there aren’t any others as if you. You’re beautiful, also have and try to is going to be.”

Writen by Calista – author, teacher, counselor and founding father of Ethereal Light

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